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Re: panic copying ext2fs -> raidframe 1 ffsv2

  On a -current/amd64 box of 16 Jul 2013, I just mounted some

   f:   1992060   8000370 Linux Ext2      0     0        # (Cyl.   7936*-   

  partitions (using mount_ext2fs, not fuse), and started a copy (cp -a)to
  a raid 1
  file system: /dev/rraid3a
  cylgrp  dynamic inodes  FFSv2   sblock  FFSv2   fslevel 5
  flags   wapbl 

  Went for a coffee, and came back to find a not very informative panic:

You could use the rump option, and run that under gdb, which will avoid
crashing your machine.

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