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Re: lfs heads up

On Sun, Jun 30, 2013 at 01:47:28AM +0900, NAKAJIMA Yoshihiro wrote:
 > After LFS split, ufs_readwrite.c is no longer shared by FFS and LFS.
 > So I think:
 > (1) Simplify them (see attached file)
 > And (2a) merge into {ffs,lfs}_vnops.c
 >     or (2b) make them standalone like ext2fs_readwrite.c (and rename
 >             ufs_readwrite.c to ffs_readwrite.c).

Please commit the ufs one; I have been meaning to do that but I
haven't had time in the past week. (And yes, it should be moved into
ffs/ and named ffs_readwrite.c, but please do that as a separate

Don't throw away the lfs part of the patch, but give me a few days to
think about it. I think we may want to hang onto some bits (like the
places the snapshot hooks go) and I'd also like to do a general pass
through lfs looking for unreachable code while it's still very clear
what came from ufs and what didn't.

I think we want to keep at least some of the ufs code for 64-bit
("LFS2") filesystems even though it's never been runnable with LFS; I
also want to hang onto all the quota code until we can reach a
decision about the on-disk quota format, even though AFAIK quotas have
never worked on LFS either.

There's a lot of other ufs-derived cruft though.

David A. Holland

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