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Re: 'su' and 'sudo' segfault after recent changes

In article <Pine.NEB.4.64.1305091055550.9389%david.technoskunk.fur@localhost>,
John D. Baker <> wrote:
>Just built amd64-6.99.19 from sources of about 201305091400Z with the
>result that 'su -c somecommand' immediately segfaults and
>'sudo somecommand' executes the command, but segfaults on exit of the
>   $ su -c "ls"
>   Password:
>   Memory fault
>   $ sudo ls
>   [ output of 'ls' ]
>   Memory fault
>However, just starting a shell as root with 'su', 'su -', 'sudo -s' or
>'sudo -i' works (although 'su -', 'sudo -s', and sudo -i' get a segfault
>after the shell exits).
>While operating as root, 'su -c somecommand' produces the expected
>   # su -c "ls"
>   [1]   Segmentation fault (core dumped) su -c "ls"
>and leaves behind a core file.  Loading into 'gdb' is inconclusive as
>there are (almost) no symbols:

Bug in ld.elf_so which I just fixed. If you are interested in debugging
things perhaps setting MKDEBUG=yes in your build will help you :-)


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