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Re: Persistent green messages interrupting console on NetBSD 6.99.19 i386

>   An additional option worth mentioning for thoroughness, besides
> the solution(s) you already found, is to use the "console" command/
> feature of the "screen" package--provided you can at least get just
> that one package compiled, or you're ok with a binary download.

>   Within "screen", you enter

>     <Ctrl-A>:console on

> in one of "screen"'s virtual sessions and the console output
> should then be grabbed in JUST that session, allowing you then to
> use vi, etc. in a another session via (as you may already know):

>     <Ctrl-A>c

> and to switch back and forth via

>     <Ctrl-A><Ctrl-A>

> -Dave B

Could I compile the "screen" package from a different NetBSD installation?

I have 6.1_RC4 for amd64 and i386 and 6.99.19 for amd64.

Or maybe even make a big floppy image including bootblocks and kernel, and 
boot.cfg, and boot from that with grub4dos, then specify the proper root?

That might or might not work, < 50% chance.

Considering that these green messages are a sign on instability, maybe I could 
wait for a later date and rebuild then.


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