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Re: Yet another test regression: fs/ffs/t_snapshot_log/snapshotstress

On 02.05.2013 18:13, J. Hannken-Illjes wrote:
On May 1, 2013, at 3:08 PM, Andreas Gustafsson <> wrote:

The "snapshotstress" test case of the fs/ffs/t_snapshot_log program has
recently started failing with "signal 6 (core dumped)".  The first
recorded failure with those particular symptoms in the babylon5 i386
tests was with source date 2013.

It also failed in the previous test run (2013., but so
did with 644 other tests, so it's hard to say if that's relevant or

The change that causes KASSERT(BC_BUSY) to fire is most likely the one which made the rump kernel block driver do asynchronous I/O, where it always previously was synchronous inside the rump kernel (the async part was completely hidden in the hypervisor -- it used mmap/msync).

Juergen, since your knowledge of vfs is more current than mine, could you have a quick look through the panicking code path with the above-mentioned sync->async change in mind and see if I've missed an obvious wait somewhere.

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