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Re: pchb@acpi again

Hi!, Chuck,

From: Chuck Silvers <>
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2013 18:26:19 -0700

> ah, yes, removing it from that list lets it be found.  and initializing
> the new aa_dmat and aa_dmat64 fields lets pchb_acpi attach successfully.
> all the PCI devices work fine, it turns out that we already have logic
> to prevent a PCI bus from being attached twice.  but the ISA devices are
> are found twice:

hmm...  I disabled that isa devices in my config-file at 3 years old.
And pchb found twice in my memory.  (pchb@acpi, pchb@pci)
Don`t you find these?
This problem can avoid implement to pci_tag_equal().
Skip to call pci_probe_device(), if equal bridgetag and device's tag
in pci_enumlate_bus().


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