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Re: dhc* in NetBSD 7.0

So I went and fixed libisc to export all the functionality needed
by bind, then removed the #ifdef BIND9 code from it, and added
initializations to the userland program to use the ISC library with
the traditional api it provides instead of the intrusive hacks. I
also eased some of the assertions of libdns, and added the
initialization that was needed for programs other than BIND. In
this case enabling BIND9 now to libdns, enables all the code.
(of course I only fixed the Unix code, I did not touch the Windows
part which now will not compile, until the same mechanical changes
are applied).

The upshot of this is that now I have a working dhcp family of
programs and a working family of bind programs using the same shared
libdns and libisc.

So now we can ship 7 with dhcp-4.2.3 and get rid of the old one.
The question is, should we build dhclient? Or we say you just need
to use dhcpcd?

The issue here is that if we install dhclient in /sbin, we need to put
libpthread, libisc, and libdns in /lib too (which I have done right
now). If we don't want to install it, then we don't have to do this.
There is also the option of installing it in /usr/sbin, but that is
less useful.


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