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Re: Broadcom NetXtreme BCM5720 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe

Hi, Frank.

(2013/02/06 18:42), Frank Kardel wrote:

on our new Dells I find PCI-ID 14e4:165f (NetXtreme BCM5720 Gigabit Ethernet 
PCIe) as ethernet interface. Unfortunately the NetBSD bge driver is not up to 
support this critter yet.

Is there support in the works for it?

The FreeBSD bge driver has some fixes and support for a feature APE which has 
probably to to with the IPMI support.


1 month ago, I got BCM5179 and BCM5720 cards. The latest bge driver
still has some problems with those cards.

bge0: APE event 0x00010510 send timed out
bge0: block failed to stop: reg 0xc00, bit 0x00000002
bge0: APE event 0x00020510 send timed out

If you got this message, please reboot :-|
The watchdog reset doesn't solve the problem...
After rebooted, it will works... :-|

I suspect some problem exist in bge_attach(), bge_reset()
or bge_init().

 Could you test with the latest -current?

                SAITOH Masanobu (

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