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Re: evbppc and alpha build breakage, but not in releng autobuild

Taylor R Campbell <> writes:

> ./powerpc/ibm4xx/cpu.h: In function 'mtdcr':
> ./powerpc/ibm4xx/cpu.h:94:2: error: asm operand 0 probably doesn't
> match constraints
> ./powerpc/ibm4xx/cpu.h: In function 'mfdcr':
> ./powerpc/ibm4xx/cpu.h:102:2: error: asm operand 1 probably doesn't
> match constraints

I would guess that you have some optimization flags different, perhaps
adding -g?  I have seen this before, and the problem was I think wrong
constraints, or a compiler bug, but with -O2 it worked anyway, or
something like that.

(I have no idea on the alpha one.)

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