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Re: 'usb_modeswitch' equivalent

On Thu, Mar 7, 2013, at 15:57, Saifi Khan wrote:

> What is the 'usb_modeswitch' equivalent in NetBSD-current ?

> Can the more experience NetBSD folks share how they got the 
> USB 3G Modem to work ? All suggestions and pointers to 
> address this issue will be appreciated.

As I understand it, there's no equivalent command/tool; u3g/u3ginit is
supposed to do all that is needed automagically.

Does Nonaka's patch work for you?  The E171 should be available here,
and it would be useful to know whether it is possible to get it to work.

I may not count as one of the more experienced that you want to hear
from, but I've been trying to get Huawei hardware (E353 modem, I
believe, plus one phone) to work with u3g and it never worked, with or
without undocumented magic strings.  The current plan for getting it to
work involves giving the damn thing away to someone who uses Windows and
staying away from Huawei in the future..

Take care,

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