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Re: Initial Kyua import done

Marc Balmer <> writes:

>> I am very happy to announce that the initial import of Kyua[1] into the
>> NetBSD source tree[2] is complete!  I am sure there are some rough edges
>> and here is where you come into play.
>> First of all, let me clarify that all the integration changes are gated
>> by the MKKYUA build setting, which still defaults to no.  Unless you
>> explicitly set MKKYUA=yes in /etc/mk.conf or in the command
>> line, you will /not/ get a system with Kyua.  However, once you set that
>> flag, you will transition to the full new setup:
> Why don't you just enable it by default?  I don't see the point of
> making it optional, it's new stuff that gets added, it does not break
> existing stuff, right?

I think it makes sense to not inflict the new code on everyone until at
least a few have tried it, with full builds and atf runs on various
architectures.  I read jmmv's note as encouraging people to try it, and
then after any falout is fixed, flipping the switch.   I think this is
courteous to fellow developers, compared to just landing it when it's
not known to be at least 99% ok.  (I'm not saying I think it's broken; I
suspect it isn't - but our multiarch system tends to be unforgiving.)

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