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Re: wm(4) jumbo patch for netbsd-5

(2013/02/14 21:46), Greg Troxel wrote:
> It would be nice to have a comment before the detailed list

 Thanks. I'll add it when I send the pullup request.

> that
> explains how the new code in netbsd-5 will relate to netbsd-6.  Is this
> basically "apply all fixes/improvements that exist in wm(4) in netbsd-6
> to netbsd-5"?   (I would expect that there are no changes being pulled
> directly to netbsd-5 that aren't in netbsd-6.)

The difference between the patch and the latest netbsd-6:

        1) The following change have not pulled up to netbsd-6 yet. I'll send 
          pullup request soon.

        2) The change about iqdrops in rev. 1.196 is not included in that patch
           because that is a specification change.

           See the last note in commit message of rev.

> - Note that the changes to count Missed packet (rx fifo overflow) and Receive
>   no buffers (rx ring full) into iqdrops in rev. 1.196 of if_wm.c is not
>   pulled up.

                SAITOH Masanobu (

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