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seeprom(4) - MI or MD major?


Several models of Sun have parts with AT24C64 eeproms which are connected to
an I2C bus.  I'd like to make these attach.  For example, on a Sun Blade 2000,
I can have:

  seeprom0 at iic0 addr 0x50: nvram
  seeprom1 at iic0 addr 0xd0: dimm-fru
  seeprom9 at iic1 addr 0x50: cpu-fru

and I can retrieve, for example, the Sun part numbers from these devices.

The seeprom manual page states:

     A device major number is not assigned.

so I'd like to assign a major number to seeprom.  However, it seems that
seeprom has been unused since NetBSD 2.0, so I don't know if it's worth
adding an MI major (e.g. 206).  Therefore, I was planning to add a sparc64
MD major.  Does this seem reasonable?



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