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The next build-break - amd64 - nbmakefs - rockridge needs value

Most of the earlier build breaks seem to be resolved. However, with sources updated just a few minutes ago (2013-01-29 14:36:51 UTC), I am still getting the following:

--- image ---
/build/netbsd-local/tools/x86_64/amd64/bin/nbmakefs -t cd9660 -o 
 boot.iso cdrom
nbmakefs: Option `rockridge' doesn't contain a value
Usage: nbmakefs [-xZ] [-B endian] [-b free-blocks] [-d debug-mask]
        [-F mtree-specfile] [-f free-files] [-M minimum-size]
        [-m maximum-size] [-N userdb-dir] [-o fs-options] [-S sector-size]
        [-s image-size] [-t fs-type] image-file directory [extra-directory ...]
cd9660 specific options:
        l,            isolevel  ISO Level
        v,             verbose  Turns on verbose output
        L,               Label  Disk Label
        R,           rockridge  Enable Rock-Ridge extensions
        A,          archimedes  Enable Archimedes structure
                     chrp-boot  Enable CHRP boot
        K,     keep-bad-images  Keep bad images
              allow-deep-trees  Allow trees more than 8 levels
                allow-max-name  Allow 37 char filenames (unimplemented)
           allow-illegal-chars  Allow illegal characters in filenames
               allow-lowercase  Allow lowercase characters in filenames
                allow-multidot  Allow multiple periods in filenames
          omit-trailing-period  Omit trailing periods in filenames
*** [image] Error code 1

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