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Re: ' release' broken for evbarm-eb and -el

On Sun, 25 Nov 2012, Mouse wrote:

./arm/lock.h:78:1: error: type qualifiers ignored on function return type

It would seem that [...] we are unable to have the inline function
return a volatile value?

Well, the warning is not entirely unreasonable; what does volatile (or
other qualifier) even _mean_ for a non-lvalue?

Because of the way the return value is specified with a typedef, and
why that typedef specifies volatile, I think simply suppressing the
warning actually is a right answer in this case.

Well, the non-KERNEL definition of the function already has type "int" instead of "__cpu_simple_lock_t" (which, for non-KERNEL, is defined as "volatile int") so it seems to me that consistency would prefer that we avoid the warning rather than suppress it.

Based on this, I'm about to commit the change. Port masters (or others) are free to over-ride me on this.


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