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Re: ' release' broken for evbarm-eb and -el

On Sun, 25 Nov 2012, Alexander Nasonov wrote:

Paul Goyette wrote:
IMHO, we should actually fix the issue, rather than hide it.  But my
goal here is only to get the port (and as many others as possible)
to build, so I would defer to arm users to make a decision on how to

I don't see any issue with this. Let say you want to assign __swp return
to some variable x:

__cpu_simple_lock_t x = __swp(val, ptr);

__swp will discard volatile but the initialization of x will bring it

There are no reference types in C and hence it can't be missing '&' in
the return type. If there was an explicit 'volatile' in the return type,
it'd be probably an oversight but volatile is a part of typedef.

A very similar issue has been fixed for C++ code [1]. The code below
generates only one warning at line 5:

template<class T>
const T foo() { static T t; return t; }

typedef const int T;
const T bar() { return 0; }

int main()
       return foo<int>() + bar();

IMO, this warning if for information only and it doesn't mix with -Werror.

I'm not going to fix it, either way.

I've identified a problem that prevents the port from building, and there are at least two approaches to fixing it.

Someone who actually cares about evbarm ports can pick the approach and commit a fix.

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