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c063 and openat

The open(2) man page suggests that including <fcntl.h> is necessary to use
openat(), but that doesn't seem to be enough...

fnctl.h rev 1.40:

Everything new in headers is guarded #ifdef _INCOMPLETE_XOPEN_C063 since
some software (e.g.: xcvs in our own tree) will assume they can use openat(2)
when AT_FDCWD is defined. _INCOMPLETE_XOPEN_C063 will go away once support
will be completed.

I just had pkgsrc multimedia/vlc fail to compile, because it detected openat()
and fcntl.h, but doesn't define _INCOMPLETE_XOPEN_C063.

Which do you recommend: define _INCOMPLETE_XOPEN_C063, or tell vlc to
ignore openat? (It doesn't need to use it - it falls back to fcntl otherwise)



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