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Xen - port mirroring - Open vSwitch?


I need to do port mirroring to capture traffic between DOMUs. Or, rather, I 
need to be able to capture the traffic somehow, be it port mirroring or 
something else.

As far as I can tell the NetBSD bridge device has no support for this. 

However, Google rather quickly pointed me at something called "Open vSwitch" 
(see which is apparently a more fully featured virtual 
switch that may be used to replace the Linux bridge device. Open vSwitch does 
all I need and then some.

They claim portability to various other platforms like FreeBSD and Windows(!) 
and that obviously begs the question whether anyone here has had the need to do 
packet capture between DOMUs and if so, whether you've looked at Open vSwitch 
or if there may be some other solution that I haven't found yet. 

Perhaps most interesting would of course be if someone had already looked at 
porting Open vSwitch to NetBSD, but I suspect not, or Google would have found 



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