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Re: Strange dates with ntpd


>       hello.  Is it possible you have a mismatch between kernel and
> userland?  That looks like something you might see if one thinks it's using
> a 32 bit time_t while the other is using a 64 bit time_t.  I realize you're
> running a 64-bit version of NetBSD, but I'm not sure when the time
> subsystems were converted to use all 64-bit time_t.

Both the kernel and userland are from the same build.  I guess what happened
was that the the real time clock was set to some odd value, and this was
converted into a 64-bit time_t (where year 10859 is valid).  However, when
ntpd started, it used the 32-bit part of that time range, and then kept the
real time clock synchronised to the 32-bit part of the time (as explained in
Frank Kardel's reply).



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