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Syncer is broken


I had a panic last week, when I plugged in a usb cable for an active
device and after the reboot I lost a few directories/files which were
modified a few minutes before that panic happened.

The filesystems were wapbl ones, mounted with the log option.

I did a fsck -f afterwards which did not show any issues but at least
one firefox file contained fragments from more then one file.

I noticed that it can take a few seconds before a sync command returns
while a few MB are written to the disks.
I have 4 disks with raidframe raid 1 sets (2 disks in each set).

$ time sync
0.000u 0.160s 0:14.14 1.1%      0+0k 104+10717io 0pf+0w

After the panic I removed the wapbl option from /home because it
seems too dangerous for me.


P.S. NetBSD 6.0_BETA2 / i386

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