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Re: /dev/crypto versus libcrypto

(The address from which you are posting from does not accept replies;
please fix your server.)

  I remember there being performance and stability issues with rump and
  puffs (especially on netbsd-5, not necessarily on Soekris).  It's
  likely that there are leaks as well.  It's also possible that the large
  size you observed could be due to caching.

I think that there is a leak, and then crashes of threaded problems are
perhaps a problem.  I gave up in this case.

  It'd be nice to know what's wrong with WAPBL if your system is more
  stable without it.  But the remaining errors mostly appear to to be
  USB/umass0 related on your page (and it's not surprising that WAPBL
  would change the device access behaviour of course).  My experience
  with USB storage devices on NetBSD is limited to occasional use, I have
  no permanently connected USB storage.

I have also seen a evbppc with 2G ram and a slow USB drive hang (no
rump, wabpl).  The symptom is that lots of processes are in tstile, but
packet forwarding/ping is still ok.  My theory is when the amount of
writing relative to disk speed gets large (relative to memory), wapbl
has trouble.  But it's hard to tell.  Note that there was a recent
commit that addressed disk priority for wabpl, and that probably helps.

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