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perl GraphicsMagick problem

Could people please run the following perl script on systems with 
p5-GraphicsMagick installed and tell me what happens.

use Graphics::Magick;

 my $impl = new Graphics::Magick;

 print "reading\n";
      my $error = $impl->Read('foo.jpg');
      if ($error =~ /(\d+)/) {
          print "read error\n";
 print "resize\n"; 
      $error = $impl->Resize(geometry=>'x180');
      if ($error =~ /(\d+)/) {
        print "resize error\n";
 print "write\n"; 
      $error = $impl->Write('foo-new.jpg');
      if ($error =~ /(\d+)/) {
        print "write error\n";

You will need a JPEG called "foo.jpg" in the directory you run it from 
and it may create a "foo-new.jpg" in that directory.

For me it runs fine on NetBSD-5.1_STABLE/i386 and on ArchLinux/i386.

On NetBSD-5.99.59/i386 it SEGFAULTS in the Resize.

If I replace p5-GraphicsMagick with p5-PerlMagick and change the 
"Graphics::Magick"'s to "Image::Magick" I get the same behaviour - 
works on 5.1, segfaults on 5.99.59.

If I use the underlying GraphicsMagick or ImageMagick to convert the 
file it works in all cases so this seems to be an issue with the perl 
interface (in some way that effects both).

Would like to know if anyone sees this problem on 6_BETA2 or a current 
current or on amd64 systems.  If someone understands the perl xs stuff 
and can see why its breaking in this case - that would be great too.


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