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Re: inquiry regarding "best practices" for chrooted pkgsrc development and other things

On Thu, Jun 21, 2012 at 5:01 PM, Aleksej Saushev <> 
> Blair Sadewitz <> writes:
>> I would like to do all of my development and package building in a
>> sandbox to help me catch pkgsrc bugs as well as my own errors.  Is
>> that overkill?
> I find it overkill. These days, you can build and with "make stage-install".
> On the other hand, you may deploy plain chroot (with "MAKEDEV std"),
> it is enough to make pbulk happy.
Yeah, it is _easier now_ not bothering.  And I realize that it is
impossible for someone to give useful recommendations without knowing
exactly how the system will be used.  Of course, I'm not exactly sure
how it'll be used. ;-)

>> I only have one xen instance to play around with for the time being.,
>> though it does have 4 vcpus and ~40GB of disk
> 40 GB isn't enough if you plan to run bulk builds.
I don't plan on it--not of the tree, anyway.

> I have found that these days it is better to have just one big /.
> At least I consider it the best until we grow in-place resizable file systems.
> (And I do suggest it strongly to novice users, since it is really hard to
> estimate your requirements correctly ahead of time and hard to fix it
> after you discover that your requirements has changed.)
>> I don't _have_ to put myself through this, of
>> course; I could have just created one large partition and done all of
>> my development in one tree without caring about correctness, overuse
>> of superuser privileges, etc, but I'd like to start out doing this
>> right.  Not that I don't enjoy spending hours on sysadmin tasks
>> without getting anything done, but ... ;-)
> If you cannot afford installing into global /usr/pkg, do it in unprivileged 
> ~/pkg
> (I used to do this in some past, it works just fine) or in /usr/pkg-devel
> (slightly similarly to what <riastradh> does). Alternatively, do it in
> the chroot environment, though it does overuse your superuser privileges.
Oh, I can.  This is my system.  I am a NetBSD developer, though I
haven't committed anything in way too long.
I was basically just looking to see what people were doing these day
> I use three pkgsrc trees, one unmodified from anoncvs so that I can
> revert fast without thinking about saving my modifications, one for
> development from anoncvs (so that I don't commit anything accidentally),
> one for committing changes. Most of the process is done unprivileged,
> only package installation is privileged.
> describes my usual development process.

Yeah, that's how I do it, too.

Perhaps I'll just make one big / taking up no more than half of xbd0
and simply leave room on the disk in case I want to add another slice.

I'm just looking to force myself into "best practices". ;-)



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