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Re: NET4501 w/options IPSEC breaks ipv6 at compile time?

On Tue, 19 Jun 2012, John D. Baker wrote:

I've not yet attempted to boot any of the resulting kernels as the
DUT is also a critical infrastructure element in my network.  Soon,
I hope.

I put my preferred tweaked NET4501 kernel with the patched ip6_output.c
on the machine's CF card and it booted with my 5.1_STABLE userland, but
'init' died.  I then booted with GENERIC and it seems to work OK.

I tried to use netboot/NFS-root but root on NFS doesn't work.  That's
a subject for a different thread, however.

Otherwise, no obvious problem related to the modified ip6_output.c.
Unfortunately testing is troublesome right now as I only have the one
example handy and it's in use most of the time.  (I have a few more
Net4501 systems, but they are not accessible right now.)

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