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Getting padlock engine support in OpenSSL in NetBSD-5?

        Hello.  We have a number of machines which contain  the Via C3
processor or better with the Padlock engines in them which we've been using
with success under NetBSD-4.  I'm now looking at building images for these
devices under NetBSD-5,  and I notice that the padlock engine support seems
to be missing from a stock build of the NetBSD-5 release.  How can I use
the padlock hardware under openssl under NetBSD-5?  Do I need to build with
different options?  Is it a matter of telling the openssl applications to
use a different engine?  Linux-based instructions for such engines suggest
that there should be engine shared objects in /usr/lib/openssl.  No such
directory containing such objects exists under NetBSD-5 from what I can
tell.  Can someone shed light on this question?

Im sure it's a simple matter that I just fail to grasp.


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