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Re: Power Mac G4 hangs under heavy IO load


On Thu, 31 May 2012 22:18:42 +0300
Mihkel Ader <> wrote:

> 5.99.59 ran fine, 6.0 BETA and 6.99.7 (at least) have the following problem:
> The machine becomes unresponsive after a few minutes when stressing the disks
> (try to build NetBSD, copy files from one disk to another, cat disk
> image to disk device).
> Unresponsive means that it can be pinged, but no keyboard input is
> possible on console,
> can't SSH in, OTOH some programs like top in an existing SSH session
> keep working
> (quitting top would leave an unresponsive terminal window though). The
> machine hangs
> forever - it doesn't come back when the disk activity should have finished.
> An anomaly in top output - the gzcat process would show CPU usage, but
> the summary
> line says 100% idle.
> No messages in system logs or dmesg.
> May be unimportant or unrelated, but when the machine hasn't crashed
> yet, top shows
> abnormally high "interrupt" and "system" usage.

Any processes stuck in 'tstile' state?
I've seen this only on SMP macs so far, never on single CPU machines.

have fun

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