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Re: Weird sysinst behavior - port amd64

   Date: Wed, 9 May 2012 16:09:26 +0300
   From: Andreas Gustafsson <>

   Paul Goyette wrote:
   > targetroot: directory block of inode 0xd3eb extends across I/O block 
boundary, which shouldn't happen!

   I see the same messages in the logs on the TNF test system, on both
   amd64 and i386.  They appeared quite recently, with the following commit:

Yes, I added that message.  I believe it is harmless, but I put it in
to replace a comment from dholland that something shouldn't happen.
It could be that I made a mistake in my refactoring of ufs_rename, or
it could be that what shouldn't happen does happen and both dholland
and I need to look closer at ufs_direnter.

The quickest way to analyze this, I suppose, would be for me to revert
my changes to ufs_rename, just change the comment to a printf, and see
whether I can still elicit the message -- if so, it's almost certainly
harmless.  I will try to find the time to do this.

In the mean time, does the message cause a problem?  If so, I can just
change it back to a comment until we've analyzed this.

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