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Re: Test-bed time-out


Last week, you reported the tests timing out on amd64 during the
t_etfs test:

>       rump/rumpvfs/t_etfs (470/515): 5 test cases
>           key: [0.205207s] Passed.
>           large_blk:

The same failure has now also occurred on i386:

Also, while it breaks the automated test runs only occasionally, I
have found that it can be easily and reliably reproduced by running
the test manually a number of times in a row:

  # cd /usr/tests/rump/rumpvfs
  # atf-run t_etfs
  # atf-run t_etfs
  # atf-run t_etfs

Affected versions hang after only a few runs of t_etfs.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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