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Re: Test-bed time-out

Paul Goyette wrote:
> This is also breaking at the exact same place on the TNF test bed:

I think this is a non-deterministic failure.  Out of the last five
amd64 runs on the TNF testbed, two have failed in the way you
described, and three have succeeded.  The first failure was:

Only amd64 has been hit by this; i386 and sparc are unaffected (at least
so far).

> > This change is the result of something that was committed on 2012-05-04 
> > between 07:20:04 and 12:50:04 UTC.

Given the non-deterministic nature of the failure, we can be sure that
the change that caused it was committed some time before the first
failing test, but not that it was committed after the last successful
test.  Based on the results from the TNF server, it was committed on
or before 2012-05-04 02:06:27 UTC.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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