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Re: Recent update to sys/dev/audio.c causes hangs?

Tom Ivar Helbekkmo <> writes:

>> My previous 'cvs update' was somewhere around the end of March or
>> beginning or April, and this problem was introduced when I updated on
>> April 10.  The obvious suspect is mrg's update to sys/dev/audio.c on
>> April 6, which changed a few mutex_enter() and mutex_exit() calls.  My
>> intuition says these changes need some sort of compensating change in
>> sys/dev/usb/uaduio.c.
> I ran mplayer with X stopped just now, and it's a mutex-related crash
> all right.  Here's what happens when I hit "q" to stop mplayer:

The issue was, indeed, a conflict between those two source files over
the use of mutexes, and has been resolved by mrg's commit of
sys/dev/audio.c 1.261.  I've requested that kern/46361 be closed.

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