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Strange test-bed panic - subr_pool (amd64)

Not sure if this is repeatable, but my home amd64 test-bed just had the following panic while running the ATF tests. This is with sources that were checked out at 2012-05-01 01:20:04 UTC

lib/libc/gen/posix_spawn/t_fileactions (211/515): 6 test cases
    t_spawn_empty_fileactions: [0.905798s] Passed.
    t_spawn_fileactions: [0.060030s] Passed.
    t_spawn_open_nonexistent: [0.043759s] Passed.
    t_spawn_open_nonexistent_diag: [0.043292s] Passed.
t_spawn_openmode: panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "object != NULL" failed: file "/test-bed/src/sys/kern/subr_pool.c", line 2611
cpu0: Begin traceback...
kern_assert() at netbsd:kern_assert+0x48
pool_cache_put_paddr() at netbsd:pool_cache_put_paddr+0xb5
pathbuf_destroy() at netbsd:pathbuf_destroy+0x30
do_open() at netbsd:do_open+0x12a
sys_open() at netbsd:sys_open+0x59
syscall() at netbsd:syscall+0xac
cpu0: End traceback...

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