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Re: powernow(4) not configured

On Sat, Mar 24, 2012 at 08:49:51PM +0100, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
> Hello,
> upgrading a system to netbsd-6, I noticed that powernow(4) is not
> detected any more. netbsd-5 did print:
> cpu0 at mainbus0 apid 0: AMD 686-class, 2493MHz, id 0x60fb2
> cpu0: AMD PowerNow! Technology 2500 MHz
> cpu0: available frequencies (Mhz): 1000 1800 2000 2200 2400 2500
> netbsd-6 only has:
> cpu0 at mainbus0 apid 0: AMD Athlon(tm) Dual Core Processor 4850e, id 0x60fb2
> acpicpu0 at cpu0: ACPI CPU
> acpicpu0: C1: HLT, lat   0 us, pow     0 mW
> and there is now powernow sysctl.

Is that everything from 'dmesg | grep acpicpu'? I'll need the ACPI tables,
but looks like a BIOS bug. If so, we can blacklist this machine (so post
'sysctl machdep.dmi' too).

- Jukka.

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