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Recent libc changes causing atf to fail?

Beginning with today's large number of libc changes (mostly, if I recall correctly, for C89 prototypes), my amd64 atf test bed is failing with the following:

atf/atf-c/detail/fs_test (3/506): 24 test cases
    eaccess: [0.168962s] Passed.
    exists: [0.048180s] Passed.
    getcwd: [0.043975s] Passed.
    mkdtemp_err: atf-run: ERROR: XXX: Cannot get information of 
/tmp/atf-run.00042c; lstat(2) failed: No such file or directory
[8.884790s] Failed: Test program received signal 6
atf-report: ERROR: 247: Unexpected token `<<EOF>>'; expected start of test
atf-report: case
df-post-test Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Avail %Cap Mounted on
df-post-test /dev/wd0a        862463     543681     275659  66% /
df-post-test kernfs                1          1          0 100% /kern
df-post-test ptyfs                 1          1          0 100% /dev/pts
df-post-test procfs                4          4          0 100% /proc

Raw output from atf-run ends with

tc-end: 1332284673.758845, eaccess, passed
tc-start: 1332284673.765105, exists
tc-so:Checking existence of a directory
tc-so:Checking existence of a file
tc-so:Checking existence of a non-existent file
tc-end: 1332284673.813285, exists, passed
tc-start: 1332284673.819761, getcwd
tc-end: 1332284673.863736, getcwd, passed
tc-start: 1332284673.870479, mkdtemp_err
tc-se:atf-run: Invariant check failed at 
/test-bed/src/external/bsd/atf/dist/atf-run/fs.cpp:134: retries > 0
tc-se:atf-run: This is probably a bug in this application or one of the 
libraries it uses.  If you believe this problem is caused by, or is related to 
Automated Testing Framework 0.15, please report it to and provide as many detatils as possible 
describing how you got to this condition.
tc-end: 1332284682.755269, mkdtemp_err, failed, Test program received signal 6

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