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Re: NetBSD RAIDFrame issue (kind of off-topic).

On Tue, 6 Mar 2012, Brian Buhrow wrote:
2.  Is the new drive really identical, or is it a similarly sized drive?
I've seendrives that purport to be the same size but have different
absolute sector counts, differing by as much as a few hundred sectors.
If the new drive's raid partition, however you've defined it, is smaller
than the original raid partition, even as little as one sector, that would
cause the behavior you describe.

3.  Is it possible you're running into some protected sectors or something
like that on the new drive?  Was the drive previously used elsewhere?

I've had drives of an identical model appear to have a different number of sectors. This was down to the HPA on the drive:

This is easily fixed using the nhpa command in MHDD - a bootable ISO is available:


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