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NetBSD RAIDFrame issue (kind of off-topic).


I'm having a weird RAID-5 problem and I'd like to chat with someone about it. This isn't really a NetBSD issue, even though the RAID array is the NetBSD RaidFrame. You all have more important stuff to deal with. If someone could pop back to be, I'd appreciate it.

Here's the issue:

I recently had a drive in a 4 drive raid-5 array fail. I pulled the drive (bearing problems - wouldn't even turn) and replaced it with an identical drive (in geometry).

I issued a raidctl -R /dev/wd3a raid0 on the array to rebuild the new drive. It runs for about an hour and dies at the last second with an error (which I don't have right handy - the drive is at a customer's site).

When I try to mount the array, one half of the array (/dev/raid0e) works fine, but the second half (/dev/raid0f) won't mount with an error "No space left on device". It is possible that the drive is over full, but it seems to me that it's about 70%.

The /var partition is actually full, so there might be an issue with a log message getting jammed, but would that kill the raidctl -R at the last second?

Any suggestions?

Dave Burgess
Cynjut Consulting Services, LLC
402-403-4434 (Phone, FAX, and Cell)

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