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Re: raidframe with R5/RS not reconstructing?

On Sun, 12 Feb 2012, Manuel Bouyer wrote:

On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 06:50:52AM -0600, John D. Baker wrote:

But it doesn't.  It immediately reports 12% completion and sits there
(almost 9 hours now) with no apparent progress and no ETA computed (00:00).

Did you check with 'systat vm' 'vmstat -x' if there's activity on
the affected disk, or if the reconstruction is really stalled ?

Not quite sure what you mean with the whole command suggestion.
I didn't see any "-x" option to either 'vmstat' or 'systat'.

Running 'systat vm' shows the affected unit to be idle.  This is my
own file server and is thus lightly loaded--the system disk has
more activity than the RAID right now.  Forcing some activity on the
RAID ('ls -R' from an NFS client system), the affected unit is sometimes
idle, or indicates a constant:

   wd8           9  115K   1.6

over mutiple sampling periods (the %busy may fluctuate a bit).
Other units are more dynamic.  A couple of typical snapshots:

Disks: seeks xfers bytes %busy
   wd0          24  192K   3.3
   wd1          30  223K   5.9
   wd2          33  212K   4.3
   wd3          26  199K   4.1
   wd4           2   15K
   wd5          44  368K   6.3
   wd6          39  281K   5.5
   wd7          46  327K   9.3
   wd8           9  115K   0.2
 raid0         102  644K  25.2
   dk0         102  644K  25.2

Disks: seeks xfers bytes %busy
   wd0          28   93K   2.0
   wd1          23   80K   1.6
   wd2          23   91K   2.8
   wd3          28   86K   2.8
   wd4           4   23K   0.2
   wd5          19   66K   1.8
   wd6          28   92K   2.2
   wd7          25   70K   1.0
 raid0         106  364K  10.0
   dk0         106  364K  10.0

'top -t' claims I have 1 zombie thread, although I haven't figured out
which one it is.  The thread summary display shows the reconstruction
thread as:

    0    69 root     221 rfevq      0:00  0.00%  0.00% raid_reco [system]

Which is where it's been since reconstruction was invoked some 14 hours
ago now.

Thanks for the feedback.

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