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Re: All PPC ports broken since 5.99.61

Michael wrote:

>> The crash occurs very early in the openfirmware() function,
>> src/sys/arch/powerpc/oea/ofw_subr.S, line 125. So it has probably
>> nothing to do with the recent kmem changes...?
>> The code didn't change. No idea why it is happening now, and why it
>> is not happening on ofppc, for example.
> Apple OF is always a little special. In several different ways
> depending on the version. I downgraded trap_subr.S to 1.72 and
> oea_machdep.c to 1.60 which made the kernel boot again, [...]

Hmm... that's the new code for supporting up to 8 BATs and the extended
block size (>256MB). My iBook G4 has a 7447A, so it would take advantage of
it, while my ofppc machine has a 750CXe with just 4 BATs (and works).

My guess is that the openfirmware() call in ofw_subr.S needs to save and
restore all 8 BATs now. It still only uses 4, which might crash OFW...

Frank Wille

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