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heads up again: quotas

I've just committed the new quota syscall API. A major version bump
for libquota to remove the old interfaces is coming up, probably in
the morning.

One caution: repquota -x, which produces quota dumps for backup
purposes, has been changed to emit tabular data instead of XML;
however, the quotarestore utility to read this data hasn't been added
yet. It will appear by this weekend at the latest. In the meantime,
I'm also not convinced that repquota (or more accurately, the cursor
iteration code in ufs/ufs/ufs_quota2.c) is working right in all cases.
I will be looking into this further in the next few days.

These compromises are brought to you by the tag and branch deadlines,
since it's important that the ABI not change once the release cycle
starts. :-/

Note that while I haven't provided compat for the proplib quotactl
system call, binaries from before tonight's commit will continue to
work with a from after tonight's commit. Or at least,
most of them will. repquota (including the old repquota -x) should;
unfortunately edquota won't unless it's from the last few days. (None
of this will help with issues in the cursor iteration code though,
which is in the kernel.)

I've also left quotactl(8) still capable of handling the proplib XML
RPC bundles. It does so with its own copy of the proplib interpreter,
so it should continue to work indefinitely. It will be removed in a
few days because it violates core's rules about XML as a user
interface; however, if anyone wants it after that it can be retrieved
from the Attic or even packaged in pkgsrc.

If anything blows up, let me know and/or file PRs.

David A. Holland

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