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Re: Hang/reboot with -current and umidi on i386

Iain Hibbert <> writes:

> I think you are on the right track but you should probably take the kernel
> lock around the start_input_transfer() call in open_in_jack(), instead of
> during the function, since it is called from other paths (eg in_intr) with
> the kernel lock held?

Seems right.  I've changed it to do it that way, now.  Didn't actually
make a difference in this particular situation, though.  :)

> or it could be that this call to usbd_abort_pipe() occurs without the
> kernel lock held.. should it be at that point?

Hard to tell - different USB device drivers seem to do these tings in
different ways.  I tried to grab the kernel lock for the duration of
that call, but this didn't make a difference, either.

>> On the other hand, the actual crash seems to be a mutex-related thing...
> Yes, there has been some work with MP locking in the USB and audio
> subsystems committed recently

Anyone know if these recent changes require drivers to be changed, too,
which may not have been done for the umidi driver?

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