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i386 installation and sparc build broken since 38 hours

Lars & others,

The installation phase of the automated NetBSD-current/i386 tests
has failed every time for the last 38 hours or so; the kernel
panics during set extraction with the message:

  kernel: supervisor trap page fault, code=0
  Stopped in pid 3816.1 (tar) at           c0309c04:      repe movsl  

For logs, see:

This started with the commit at CVS date 2012. with the
commit message:

  extending vmem(9) to be able to allocated resources for it's own needs.
  simplifying uvm_map handling (no special kernel entries anymore no relocking)
  make malloc(9) a thin wrapper around kmem(9)
  (with private interface for interrupt safety reasons)

  releng@ acknowledged

Also, the sparc build has been failing since the same time.

IMO, this breakage is of sufficient scope and duration to warrant
reverting the commit.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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