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Re: heads-up: IPSEC is now FAST_IPSEC

Matthias Drochner <> wrote:
> I've just made FAST_IPSEC the default implementation which gets
> used if the IPSEC kernel option is present.
> <...>
> The old KAME implementation is still available through
> the KAME_IPSEC kernel option. The old IPSEC_ESP option
> is meaningless with (FAST_)IPSEC (ESP is always enabled)
> but still in effect with KAME_IPSEC.

Thanks a lot for working on this.  Are you planning to remove old IPSEC
code?  It would bring simplifications, clean-up and would make further work
on network stack less painful.  I think post-netbsd-6 branch (or even now?)
would be a very good time.


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