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heads up: libquota

I just committed a 21-part patchbomb with the new user-facing quota
API and corresponding library, along with the bulk of the changes to
make the quota tools use it. This is not done -- there are remaining
places in the quota tools that need to be converted, and some bits
that will probably need to be added -- but all the major pieces are in
place and the API that's there should be stable going forward.

If anything breaks, holler.

This does not include any kernel changes; the library is still using
the proplib interface to communicate with the kernel, and it also
remains backward-compatible with the old libquota interface (such as
it was) so that old quota tools will still work with the new library.
Kernel changes and a libquota major bump will be coming in the next
2-3 weeks.

David A. Holland

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