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non-automated test failure report! :)

After some time during which build was broken, I finally got a successful pass with atf. Three new test failures showed up which historically have not failed. Since at least one of the recent build-breaks was rump-related, I thought I would point these out:

        Test case: lib/librumphijack/t_vfs/cpcopy
        Termination reason

        FAILED: atf-check failed; see the output of the test for details
        Standard output stream

        Executing command [ newfs -F -s 20000 ffs.img ]
        Executing command [ rump_server -lrumpvfs -lrumpfs_ffs -d 
key=/img,hostpath=ffs.img,size=host unix://csock ]
        Executing command [ mount_ffs /img /rump/mnt ]

        Standard error stream

        Fail: incorrect exit status: 1, expected: 0

        mount_ffs: Warning: realpath /img: No such file or directory
        mount_ffs: /img on /rump/mnt: Socket is not connected

        rump.halt: init failed: Connection refused
        t_vfs: ERROR: The test case cleanup returned a non-ok exit code, but 
this is not allowed

Test cases t_vfs/mv_nox and t_vfs/paxcopy failed with the same messages.

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