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Re: vi international character display

On Sun, Nov 13, 2011 at 09:54:07AM +0100, Ian D. Leroux wrote:
> Sometime this year, vi started displaying non-ascii characters as
> hex escapes even in a unicode terminal.  I first noticed the change in
> the late summer.  I was busy at the time and didn't investigate or
> document the change as well as I should have. Here's what I can say
> about it with reasonable confidence:
> - Before the change, common West European accented characters like é,
>   è, ø, ç in utf-8-encoded files displayed as themselves in vi in an
>   rxvt-unicode terminal. Since the change they display as hex escapes.
>   The change does not affect all characters; I've found, for instance,
>   that ? (w with an acute accent) still displays as itself even in
>   current vi.
> - The environment, which I'm fairly certain I didn't modify around the
>   time I observed the change, includes
>   EDITOR=vi
>   LC_CTYPE=en_US.UTF-8
>   VISUAL=vi
>   TERM=rxvt-unicode
>   COLORTERM=rxvt   # I've also tried setting this to rxvt-unicode
> - It's really a unicode-capable terminal, because those same accented
>   characters display as themselves in less or ksh.
> - The change happened between February and July of this year.  The only
>   commit to vi I see in that window is tnozaki's fix of PR/44455 on
>   March 21st.
> This is all on amd64, with current updated as of July 28th.
> Has anyone else noticed this?

Yes, I also noted this.

Perhaps libterminfo or libcurses changed?

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