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Re: panic: bad dir with recent -current

On Fri, 28 Oct 2011, John D. Baker wrote:

I deleted the offending directory, deleted the affected package and
re-fsck'd everything until it was all clean.

I tried building multimedia/gnash again, which built boost-headers as
a dependency.  It panicked and rebooted again when installing the binary
package for boost-headers.  Again, it's a mangled directory entry
(this time /usr/pkg/include/boost/ratio).  And the machine has panicked
finding the offending inode.

This time there weren't any orphan files, but cleaning up the mess
was interesting.  Attempting to delete the offending directory and
its contents (rm -rf /usr/pkg/include/boost/*) resulted in:

  rm: fts_read: cannot allocate memory

Not sure what else to do, I rebooted the machine, rechecked all the
filesystems and was able to delete the offending directories.
I successfully installed a couple of unrelated packages, then
turned to "graphics/inkscape".  This pulled in boost-headers again,
but this time it seemed to install without problems.

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