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Performance Monitoring Counters (PMC, PERFCTRS) and SMP?

Is anyone by any chance working on SMP support for PMC / PERFCTRS?

Apparently FreeBSD is now able to support PMC on SMP machines, but I
can't find any hint of anything related for NetBSD.

I ask mostly because I'm flustered by getrusage(2) being as good as
useless for even the most basic of benchmarking purposes, and
gettimeofday() also being useless in a multi-user environment.

I guess a second question might be if anyone's thought of pulling over
FreeBSD's fix, or re-implementing something similar, to at least make
getrusage() monotonic?

(on a related note, does anyone know of any decent CPU measurement tool
for use inside a process on OS X?  getrusage() is broken there too.)

                                                Greg A. Woods

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