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Re: Status of PF in NetBSD-current

At 8:27 Uhr +0200 13.10.2011, Adam Hamsik wrote:

[pf in -current]

Upgrading from netbsd-4 to -current a while back broke my http (squid) and
smtp redirects. I've been meaning to collect the details for a while.
Anybody else seen that?

>> There have been interesting changes in the mean time.
>I would suggest to use npf :) it's smp ready and has much cleaner code base.

A few months ago, I looked at npf because I had an SMP machine to set up as
a tunneling router. At the time, it lacked important features, and was
undocumented beyond source code and man pages. I don't know if the
presentation given on EuroBSDCon changed that somewhat; npf desperately
needs something along the lines of the ipf howto document.

ATM, it looks like NetBSD 6 will ship with three half-baked ip filter
packages at the same time, where Linux had only one per major release...


"It's never straight up and down"     (DEVO)

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