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Re: named spinning

In article <>,
Gary Duzan  <> wrote:
>In Message <>,
>   Stefan Hertenberger <>wrote:
>=>Am 05.10.2011 13:49, schrieb Gary Duzan:
>=>>     Since upgrading current on Sunday my named has been sucking CPU.
>=>> Restarting it doesn't help, tcpdump shows no significant domain
>=>> traffic on any interface, and a ktruss shows it just looping:
>=>> [ ... ]
>=>had the same problem, it was caused by a missing directory 
>=>"/etc/namedb/keys" after creating it, everything was fine.
>=>Hope this helps.
>   That was it. So it looks like there are two issues. First, while
>the installer is creating /var/chroot/named/etc/namedb/keys, it is
>not creating /etc/namedb/keys. Second, bind is not recovering
>gracefully when the directory isn't there.

Please file a bug report with ISC.


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