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Re: named spinning

On Oct 6, 10:10pm, (Gary Duzan) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: named spinning

|    I'm still getting an ident of 5, so it is definitely talking to
| the pipe. No other process has the other end of the pipe, so it is
| only talking to itself. And when it goes loopy it clearly isn't
| talking to anyone, since there is no read/write activity in the
| ktruss output.
| ===================================================================
| wheel { ~ } # ktruss -p `pgrep named` | egrep -v 
|  18674      6 named    emul(netbsd)
| ===================================================================
|    I do get lots of other activity if I run it under ktruss from
| the beginning, but nothing with the above filter once it settles
| down.

I would tend to trust fstat instead of lsof here. Mine did not have a crypto
connection until I created the crypto device. And named uses openssl. Thor
is right I think here, about trying to do a kevent() in /dev/crypto. Somehow
named has confused its fds.


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