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Re: HEADS-UP: prop_{array,dictionary}_send_syscall(3) incompatible change in -current

On Sat, 01 Oct 2011 00:43:52 +0200
Jean-Yves Migeon <> wrote:

> Given prior art with the prop_*_{send,recv}_ioctl(3) functions, I 
> adopted the same convention for these new functions: return an int, with 
> 0 being "no error" and "!= 0" indicating error (with errno set).

If errno is set and it returns 0 on success, it probably would be best
to return -1 for error (and document it as such, rather than != 0, just
like most other syscalls and libc functions)?  Unless, of course it
returns an errno value as error (i.e. like POSIX threads functions


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